Julian Parker Ltd


‘It’s about the journey…there is no plan.’

I was commissioned by a client to photograph and interview Julian at his workshop in the middle of the Sussex countryside. It turned out to be a much more philosophical conversation than intended…

‘When I’m working on a particular type of car you get to understand the nuances of design of the car, you understand the mind set of design, you get into someone else’s head…I find it fascinating. It’s all part of a learning curve and exposing yourself to different things.’

‘35 years ago I started off my career in metalwork on cars and it was around 10 years into it that I became fascinated by architecture and began to get involved in more architectural work. One of my clients then asked me to create a sculpture for him…that led to more work here and there and I found myself moving in that direction. The cars were always there but I started to sway towards the architectural metal work and I was asked by Foster + Partners to help them with some metal work, which led to having three pieces in the RA Summer Exhibition. 

That business unfortunately ended when a debtor went bankrupt and the business couldn’t survive. The company halted trading and was put into liquidation. I had to start over…I didn’t want to stay in the same space, it had been tainted for me. So about seven years ago I wanted to get back to my roots…and that’s when I restarted the vintage car conservation business.’