Portraits from the Balkans


The Balkans, ex Yugoslavia has experienced recent atrocities, war crimes and genocide. In mid 2019 I toured round the this region talking with and taking portraits of those that have lived through these difficult times. Some of the poorest countries in Europe are located here and underneath the surface resentment, prejudice and hatred still bubbles. There are deep religious, political and economic issues that clearly still exist in this region. The recent war has created a strong, resilient, yet gentle nature to many of the people I have met there.

In this series I didn’t want to focus on the atrocities but document the present, laughter, commerce & tourism. This came in the form of a local vineyard series in Trebinje where the old boys meet to discuss the day and while away the hours. The Mostar Diving Club who jump off of Stari Most (The Old Bridge) in Mostar, originally many years ago to impress the local women but now for money. Finally a boat taxi driver on the shore of Lake Ohrid in North Macedonia.